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Diet History.

  1. Establishment of DIET

Until the National Education Policy 1986 was adopted, the NCERT, NIEPA and SCERT used to give guidance regarding education research, training, planning and management etc. at national level and state level. Below the state levels there were elementary teacher educational institutions but their activities were confined mostly to pre-service teacher education. Like wise in the area of adult-education, this support is being provided by the Central Directorate of Adult Education at the national level and by the State Resource Centre (SRCs) at the State level.

By the time of adoption of NPE, elementary and adult education systems were already too vast to be adequately supported by national and state level agencies alone. With the expansion of education, the retention of student and quality education became necessary. It was necessary that the teacher are well aware about the new ideas, methods techniques, equipments  and educational aids etc. Until now whenever we talked about improving education more emphasis was laid on formal education but it was necessary to think about the children left out of the school. To bring universalisation and retention in education the education , teachers, private agencies were not  enough. For that the co-operation of the different organizations, village people, panchayats etc was necessary. For the above mentioned activities the national and sate level implementation was not enough, but the expansion from state level to district level was most necessary. Due to this DIET came into existence.. And in this way the third level was added which can do new work of education in the entire district.

District Institute of Education & Training   (DIET)  was  upgraded from Adhyapan Mandir to DIET at  Junagadh ,District : Junagadh